Apartment Cleaning

Small, concentrated spaces such as apartments are a quick cleaning job for us!

We provide full apartment cleanings, or you may specify certain rooms you would like to focus on, on a weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly basis, as well as occasional, one-time, or move in / move out situations.

Routine Apartment Cleaning Services

Every space is unique, but most small one to two bedroom apartments take approximately 2 1/2 – 3 hours. Initial cleanings may or may not take more time, given the severity of neglect or what needs to be done.

Below is a general outline of a routine cleaning:
In the Kitchen
    Wipe & Clean all countertops
    Stove top, knobs & range hood top
   Clean & Scrub Sink & fixtures
   Exteriors of Oven, Refrigerator, Dishwasher
   Microwave inside & outside
   Toaster Oven inside & outside
   Spot clean exterior of cabinets
   Dust items
   Floors & corners
   Remove Trash & Recycling if necessary

Kitchen services by request:

   Load Dishwasher
   Clean unbreakable items that may be left in the sink & set to dry
In the Bathroom(s)
   Clean & Scrub Bathtub & Shower
   Clean & Scrub Sink & fixtures
   Toilet outside, inside, and around
   Dust shelves, items, picture frames
   Wipe & Clean vanity countertops and doors
   Switch Plates & Doorknobs
   Shake out / Vacuum Rugs
  Remove Garbage
In the Living Room & Bedroom(s)
   Dust any window sills, ledges, baseboards, shelves, wall frames, personal decor items, lamps, air vents
   Dry dust television and electronics
   Wipe down / Vacuum couches or chairs
   Floors & corners
Living room/bedroom cleaning services by request:
   Make beds
   Change sheets
   Put away clothes
Stairs (inside residences)
   Carpeted: Vacuumed
   Non-Carpeted / Wood: Swept or vacuumed / damp mopped
Cleaning Products & Supplies
   We can bring our own cleaning products, this is common practice for initial cleanings, deep cleanings,  & move in / move out, etc. If you have products that are a personal favorite on hand, we will gladly use them! Please have them out and ready to go the day of the clean.

   For our repeat clients, we prefer to have everything needed already on location.

We do not supply equipment like vacuum cleaners, brooms, mops or paper towels.

   It is highly recommended that the customer supplies us with sponges, cleaning cloths, and/or paper towels. If you wish, we can supply fresh sponges, paper towels and cleaning cloths for a small fee, and    leave them with you to avoid cross contamination.

Cleaning Services

Apartment Cleaning